Inspiring stories about how other families have used KG Hypnobirthing to release fears, have a calm birth experience and give their babies a beautiful, gentle start.


(Precious Bond Founder and Hypnobirthing Teacher)

"My own birth story began a little earlier than expected at 36 weeks and 3 days. Because Ted was classed as 'premature' (if only by 4 days), I was unable to have the water birth I'd hoped for at the birth centre, but it was still an amazing experience and I'd do it all again tomorrow. It's what inspired me to teach hypnobirthing. 


After walking the 10km Race for Life the day before, my waters broke at about 7pm as I was eating my dinner(!) and Ted arrived very swiftly, just over 5 hours later, weighing a perfect 6lb 15oz. My husband and I felt pure excitement on the way to the hospital, the hypnobirthing we'd practised had taken away all fear and apprehension.


I played my hypnobirthing MP3 during labour which kept me calm through my surges which came pretty intensely every 3 minutes from the beginning. I'd played it as I was falling asleep each night during my pregnancy so I associated it with feeling completely relaxed. I must have been calm as the midwives didn't believe I was in labour and were quite surprised to find I was 7cm dilated when they examined me!


During the pushing stage I went completely into myself and let my body do its thing. With the help of gas and air, my husband rubbing my back and my hypnobirthing MP3 playing in the peaceful, dark delivery room I wasn't even aware anyone else was in the room with me! My midwife was amazing, so supportive of my hypnobirth and helped keep the environment serene. Despite arriving Superman-style with his hand by his face, Ted was born safely, naturally and gently, which I'm beyond grateful for. It was completely surreal to hold him in my arms at last and our skin-to-skin time was really special. I couldn't take my eyes off him!


I truly believe that Ted came when he was ready, and that my body was ready too. Hypnobirthing erased all fear for me and made me feel completely relaxed about labour. The logic and science it's based on really helped me to understand what was happening to my body and how to work with it effectively. The hypnobirthing relaxations and visualisations worked so well for me, I'd fall asleep almost instantly each night during my pregnancy listening to my MP3 and it worked wonders in the delivery room; I don't remember pain in the pushing stage and I don't think gas and air can take all of the credit for that.


I'd recommend hypnobirthing to everyone, it makes such a positive difference. While I was fortunate enough to have a fairly straightforward and swift birth, the relaxation techniques hypnobirthing teaches are invaluable in every situation; after all it's even more important to keep calm if things don't go to plan. Nothing can promise a perfect, pain-free birth, but hypnobirthing gives you and your baby the best chance of a calm and positive experience."


"As a Hypnobirthing mother of 2 wonderful babies, now 8 and 5, I can speak from the heart and share what an empowering, life changing experience Hypnobirthing was. It enabled me to have two fantastic births, bringing my husband and I closer together and making the bond between us and our babies immeasurable. You get more of what you focus on, and by putting in the practice, you can have an amazing birth experience."


"Each of my boys was able to experience a beautiful, calm and totally natural birth because of all the preparation provided by your course (and despite all three being born in different countries!). I have also found the birth experience extremely empowering, with each giving me a greater appreciation for the miracles my body can perform. Instead of recalling fear, pain or intervention, I hold all three of my labours as my most prized memories."


"We had our baby girl 6 days ago ... an unplanned homebirth because I hadn't realised how far I'd progressed because I was coping so well. So calm an experience it had been, that our baby girl was actually born with her waterbag still intact and a 10/10 APGAR rating! I got to cuddle her as soon as she was born and the umbilical cord pulsed for a good 20 minutes between us.

She is our second child, after our son was born by emergency c-section. It was my birth experience with him which made me try hypnobirthing, as I remained completely traumatized from the numerous interventions and ultimate surgery. I actually cried to learn I was pregnant again, solely thinking about the disappointment I felt last time and how scared I was that I couldn't do any better.

The number of medical visits I had during this pregnancy exacerbated my guilt, weakness, and all those negative residual feelings and fears I carried. It also didn't help much that due to already having a toddler, and opposite work schedules, it was difficult for my husband and I to find time to do the relaxations together.

But we persevered with 1am relaxations together and lots and lots of replaying 'statements for an empowering birth'. In spite of all those hang-ups I felt burdened with after the experience with my son, amazingly I remained sooo confident during our daughter's birth. I took a nice hour long nap during labour, and carried on with my day even managing to play football with my son less than 3 hours before his sister was born!

I had this amazing confidence I never expected to have... and then.. I did it!!: a drug free VBAC!

I gave my baby what I know to be the best start possible in life."


"Hypnobirthing transformed an apprehensive experience into one that my husband and I will treasure for the rest of our lives.

Little Layla Rose was born on the 15th of March at St Marys birthing centre 3 hours after checking in.

I has a slow and steady pre labour over a 24 hour period, of which I used your relaxation techniques and visualisations, and did alot of walking, resting, and talking!! I was very excited, but remained calm, focused and confident. I was determined to stay at home for as long as possible, and in hindsight, could have just as easily stayed at home for the whole experience. (As it was, I left the birthing center 10 hours after giving birth.)

Upon arrival at the center, I hoped straight into the water, and continued as I had at home. I must admit that your voice wafted into my head on several occasions, with the afirmation "breath in relaxation and calmness" being very strong in my mind. It worked to the point that I had a cup of tea in the pool with my husband and the mid wife in between surges!! Layla was born three hours later with my waters in tact, which the midwife said was a testamony to my calmness.

I did put a large amount of effort into the practice I did at home, listening to your CD, and reading allowed my affirmations, every day for 2 and a half months without fail. As a direct result, I not only had the birth that I wanted, I had the perfect birth. I can not thank you enough, and will be sure to let anyone I ever meet who is pregnant know that the > mind is the most powerful tool in the body, and if you use it to your advantage, anything is possible."


"Over the last few years as an independent midwife I have had an increasing number of encounters with clients who have had truly beautiful, gentle and calm births. The common factor in these birth seems to be that they have attended a KG Hypnobirthing workshop."


"Over the last few years as an independent midwife I have had an increasing number of encounters with clients who have had truly beautiful, gentle and calm births. The common factor in these birth seems to be that they have attended a KG Hypnobirthing workshop."


"Just to say a massive thank you for your great course! As you know I was nervous leading up to labour again but the morning I went into labour I was totally chilled and so excited and when I went into hospital everything just progressed so nicely and naturally and this time I just went with what my body did and surprise surprise it was all fine and he was born within 4 hours of being in hospital.

I think I was a bit not fully convinced how hypnobirthing could work but thought it would be worth a try! Even at home I fell asleep every time I listened to the CD and didn’t even finish the book! However on reflection I had such a lovely (?!) labour and we laughed through most of it and I spoke up when I wanted things differently etc. I mean I’m not going to say it didn’t hurt that last bit but it was such a different experience this time and hypnobirthing played such a big part so a massive thank you!"


"I gave birth at 38+3 on 08.10.18 to a boy named Xander who weighed 7lb 1oz. An early induction was recommended following a scan which showed that my placenta was 'significantly mature and calcified'. I didn't mind as I was expecting to be induced on my due date anyway.


It wasn't a straightforward process though. The 24 hour pessary had no effect and neither did the 6 hour one that followed. There was talk of a doctor breaking my waters if they were able to dilate the cervix even a little bit but after two days had passed I said no. I asked for a caeserean as I didn't want the limited progress to continue, even if they could break the waters, and definitely didn't fancy the drip. 


As I hadn't progressed, the internals they did were extremely painful so I insisted on having gas and air, which I got. Before the caesarean, the consultant wanted to do one more internal and the midwives said that this is so that they could try and change my mind if they saw any potential to break the waters. I declined this and the midwives backed me up and said that it was my body and my choice.


The caesarean birth itself was better than expected and I stayed in hospital for two nights afterwards. I am recovering well and despite the baby having a tongue tie and my milk being delayed due to the caesarean, I am exclusively breastfeeding.


I'd like to thank you for the course and your encouragement. The relaxation/breathing techniques were helpful during the stressful induction process and also during the section itself. I also felt empowered to tell them what I did and didn't want rather than just go along with their plans. I am happy with my birth experience and feel glad to have avoided a prolonged labour with the dreaded drip!"